crossGrid Packaging Templates: General

In the General tab, you can configure the following settings:

Exclude binary data (images and objects)
With this option, define whether images and objects are to be transferred from the source document. (Please note that this option is relevant for crossWAN only, for crossGrid it is of no importance.)
Exchange change history
With this option, you can determine that the log contents – i.e. information on changes to the editing states and changes to the translated content – are to be synchronized with the Trusted Server.
Allow project settings to be changed on the Trusted Server side
You can permit the project settings to be modified on the Trusted Server side. This option is relevant if you selected a project settings template when setting up the project. With the help of these templates, you can ensure that all involved in the project (translators, correctors, etc.) work with the same settings – e.g., those for the crossTank penalties. If the option is deactivated, the individuals involved in the project cannot modify the defined project settings.