System Settings: General > crossGrid Packaging Templates

In the crossGrid packaging templates section, you can create and edit packaging templates for crossGrid projects.

To create a new packaging template, click New, enter a name for the new template, and confirm with OK. Subsequently, you can process the new template. You can define the information that is to be transmitted to the Trusted Servers to which the new template is assigned.

Via Import or Export, you can import or export crossGrid packaging templates in proprietary GPT format (crossGrid Packaging Template).

Each template comprises the following sections:

  • General
  • crossTank
  • crossTerm

Interaction of crossGrid filters and project settings filters

When creating projects, filters for the availability of crossTank and/or crossTerm entries can be defined by means of project settings templates. Furthermore, filters for the transmission of crossTank and/or crossTerm entries can be set in the crossGrid packaging templates. If both filter types are used, the defined filters will be added up: If something is allowed in one filter, e.g. the transmission of crossTank entries with a particular relation, but the transmission is not allowed in the other filter, the respective entries will not be transmitted.