System Settings: Terminology > Concordance Search

Concordance Search Results

Under Concordance Search you can define what attributes are to be displayed during the concordance search in crossTerm Manager. The attributes are displayed under the search hits; only the attributes for which values exist are displayed:

The attributes displayed are system attributes (e.g. Subjects and Relations) and crossTank attributes (e.g. Created by and Usage count).

The upper pane of the Concordance Search section contains the attributes that are displayed in the concordance search along with the search hits. By default, these are the Subjects, Relations, and Projects attributes.

From the lower part of the area containing the available attributes, you can have additional attributes added and displayed by clicking icn_pfeil-aufwaerts Display. Click icn_pfeil-abwaerts Do not display to remove attributes from the upper part and thus from being displayed.

You can arrange the order of the displayed attributes with the help of the arrow icons icn_pfeil-aufwaerts and icn_pfeil-abwaerts.

In the lower part of the area, you can activate a checkbox in the Show in tooltip column to determine that attributes that are not displayed together with the concordance search hits are to be displayed in the tooltip of the respective hit.

The tooltip that is displayed when you move the cursor over the translation of the respective concordance search hit displays the desired attributes.


Additionally, there is an option to enable the listing and thus the display of system attributes that have already been deleted.