System settings

In the system settings, you can configure basic settings for your work with Across. Unlike the user settings, which are valid for the respective user only, system settings have implications for the entire system and therefore apply to all users.

Open the Across settings via the menu item Tools > System settings.


Please note that in order for some changes to take effect, you need to restart Across or reopen a task.

The system settings are categorized as follows:

  • General
  • Search Center
  • Terminology
  • Document settings

Some of the settings discussed below are available only if the appropriate rights have been assigned to you.


If you use crossGrid and your Across Server operates as a Trusted Server, some relevant sections of the system settings of the Master Servers that delegate tasks to your Trusted Server are displayed. The particular server can be selected via a drop-down list (by default, the local Across Server is displayed).

For example, this enables you as a project manager on the Trusted Server side to see which settings are selected on the Master Server side.

All settings are displayed read-only.