Managing softkeys

To edit a softkey, select it and click Properties. Then make the desired changes and click OK.

You delete a softkey by selecting it, clicking Delete and then clicking Yes in the following dialog.

You disable a softkey by selecting it and by clicking Disable. Undo the deactivation by clicking Enable.

By clicking Force Logout, the user that is currently logged with the selected license will be logged out.

Dynamic Activation/Deactivation of Softkeys for Offline Users

Softkeys for offline users can be activated/deactivated dynamically.

The dynamic activation/deactivation can be enabled or disabled as needed. The checkbox for this function can be accessed in crossAdmin under Across > Softkeys in the module bar at the left edge of the screen.

If the function is activated, the offline license is automatically deactivated when the last assigned task is revoked or archived. During task assignment, users with deactivated licenses are still offered. Upon assignment of a task, the respective license is automatically reactivated.

Offline users whose license is currently deactivated are displayed with the icn_offline-user_deaktiviert icon, e.g. in the Tasks module.