Generate Softkey

A softkey must be created for every client workstation and made available to the user.

Proceed as follows to create a softkey:

  1. Use the module bar on the left to switch to the Softkeys module via Administration > Softkeys.
  2. Click New below the pane on the upper right.
  3. Enter the name of the Across user or the computer that will be working with the softkey in the dialog box.
  4. Click Mode to select the type of license you require.
  5. Assign the softkey to the respective online or offline user. To do this, activate Assign license to: and in the drop-down list below, select a user.

    Before a user can be assigned, this user has to be created in the user administration in Administration > User.

    A softkey can also be assigned to a user at a later point in time. In this case, continue with setting up the softkey. You can select the respective softkey at any time and assign it to the desired user via Properties.

  6. You can enter additional information about this user in the Managed by tab.
  7. Click Save Softkey to save the softkey to a folder on your local hard drive or in a network folder. Click E-mail Softkey to send the softkey directly by e-mail via Across. You can also exit the dialog box by clicking OK and save or send the softkey later by clicking Properties.

    To send the softkey by e-mail, the e-mail address of the softkey user must be entered in the Managed by tab. The SMTP server must also be specified. To do this, enter the needed parameters under Tools > User Settings > General > E-mail.

    Please note that for SSL connections, Across only supports explicit SSL.

  8. The new softkey appears in the list of created softkeys. From now on, the user for whom the license was created can use the softkey to log in to Across from his workstation.

    After changing the user assignment within a softkey, this softkey should be created anew. This also applies in case the network configuration settings of the Across Server have been changed in crossAdmin (e.g. the IP address or the URL of the Across Server have changed).