You can get to the Softkeys management module via Administration > Softkeys. Here you can create softkeys for Across users and also send them directly by e-mail if required.

Softkeys provide an easy connection of clients to the server and serve to authenticate the users at the Server. Through the selection of a softkey when logging in, the client workstation "knows" how to exchange data with Across Servers.

You can create two different types of licenses:

License type
Online license
For crossLAN and crossWAN online workstations.
Offline license
crossWAN load and crossWAN classic workstations.

A list displays all softkeys that have been created to date. In the upper right pane, additional information on the existing softkeys is displayed. Below this there are buttons for creating, editing, deleting, and disabling softkeys.

Information on the current installation is displayed below the various buttons. Here you can see which product edition is installed, how many of the maximum number of softkeys have already been created, the maximum period of validity of your Across license and the maximum number of languages that may be used.