User Crowds

User crowds are special groups that are freely composed of desired users by a project manager. Crowds can be created for translation tasks and for all other tasks supported by Across. The only exception the Project management task, because it can be assigned but not accepted. Both online and offline users can be members of a user crowd. Offline translators, however, can only confirm crowd tasks via crossWeb.

Tasks can be assigned to each crowd as a whole. Thus, every crowd member can see the assigned task. As soon as a crowd member confirms the task, the task is no longer available to the other crowd members.

User Crowd Creation and Management

Crowds are created and managed in the Groups module. Crowds are represented with the icn_benutzer-crowd icon.

In the Group Wizard, a crowd can be created by selecting the corresponding option.

Subsequently, the user crowd can be configured by selecting the languages, members, etc.

Excluding User Crowds from the Task Assignment

After the crowd setup, the user crowds are automatically offered when assigning tasks. If a crowd is not to be offered for the task assignment (temporary), this can be determined in the crowd settings by means of the option Do not offer for assignment.

In the Groups module, select the crowd you want to exclude from the task assignment and click Properties. Then go to the General information and default profile tab and activate the respective option.

User Crowds and Offline Users

By default, members of user crowds are online users. Apart from online users, offline users, too, can be members of a user crowd. Offline translators can only confirm crowd tasks via crossWeb, see crossWeb for Offline Users.

By means of the May contain offline users option (which is available in the Group Wizard during the creation of a new user crowd or in the properties of a respective user crowd), you can determine if offline users may be members of the crowd. If the option is enabled, a crossWAN packaging template can be selected from the drop-down list. If a template is selected, the respective crossWAN package will automatically be created on the basis of this template when assigning a task to the crowd. If no template is selected, the dialog window for compiling the data for the offline users will be displayed when assigning a task to the crowd.

To adjust the option, select a desired crowd in the Groups module and click Properties. Then go to the General tab and enable the respective option and select a desired crossWAN packaging template if needed.