Creating Groups

The following instruction explains how to create a new group in Across. Proceed as follows:

  1. In the module bar on the left, select the menu item Administration > Groups to enter the Groups module.
  2. In order to create a new group, click New below the pane on the upper right to start the Group Wizard.
  3. Once the wizard has started, click Next.
  4. Enter a name for the group and if desired, add a description.
  5. Select a standard group to be used as a basis for the new group.
  6. Click Next to confirm these details.
  7. Enable the appropriate checkbox to carry out the corresponding settings in the various areas of the new group.
  8. You can customize several rights in crossTank and crossTerm via the icn_gruppenrechte_rechte-anpassen icon. You can decide whether a particular right should be available for all languages without limitation, whether it should only be available for certain languages that you can define yourself, or whether it should be activated for those languages that are enabled in the settings of the respective user.
  9. Select the users to be included in the group. To select the users, double-click the respective users one by one or select them and click the > button.
  10. Click Finish to adopt the settings and complete the setup of the new group.
  11. The new group now appears in the list of groups.

Assign Users to the Group

You can now assign users to the new group - e.g. in the course of creating a new user. Existing users can be assigned to the new group in the User module by firstly selecting the respective user, by clicking Properties and then in the Membership tab selecting the new group in the left window area. Then click >. The user is now a member of the newly created group. Now click OK to accept the changes. Continue with the assignment until all of the desired users have been assigned to the new group.

Integrating new groups in workflows

To be able to use new groups created in Across for assigning tasks, they first need to be integrated in the various workflows. To do this, switch to the Workflow module, select the workflow, then the task to be performed by the new group and then click Properties. Confirm the message that follows with OK and switch to the Assignable Groups tab. Now select the new group in the left of the window and then click > , in order to add it to the assignable groups. Now click OK to accept the changes. The newly created group can now be selected during task assignment.

You can now continue with the integration of the new group until it is combined with all desired workflows and tasks.

Customize Group

To edit the settings of a group at any time, select the desired group, click Properties, and then make the appropriate changes to the settings.

To view and customize the rights of an existing user group, select the particular user group in the Groups module, click Properties, and switch to the Rights tab. Select the desired area in the left pane of the dialog window and enable or disable the checkboxes of the rights you wish to edit in right pane.

Manage Users in Groups

If you select a group, all Across users who are members of this group will be displayed in the bottom right window. Click Add to assign a new user to the group and Remove to delete a user from the group. Click Properties to view the properties of a selected user; to send the user an Across message or e-mail, click Message or Send e-mail, respectively.


To send e-mails to a user, his or her e-mail address must be available in the settings of that user. Moreover, your e-mail settings must be entered under Tools > User Settings > General > E-mail.

If your SMTP server requires a secure SSL connection, please note that Across only supports explicit SSL.