Attribute-Specific Group Rights

Attribute-specific user group rights enable the association of user group rights with certain attributes, e.g. relations. In this way, it is possible to create domains within Across, e.g. to map different subsidiaries or divisions of a company, thereby separating the various users and data from each other.

The attribute-specific user group rights can only be used for attributes defined as single-value attributes.

Single-value attributes are attributes for which only one attribute value can be selected.

You can check if the attribute is defined as a single-value attribute in the System attributes section of the system settings under Tools > System Settings > General > System Attributes. Select a system attribute and click Edit. The option Multi-value attribute should be enabled:


crossTank user group rights

Via attribute-bound user group rights, you control, among other things, the rights for editing and viewing crossTank entries.

Using the icn_mehr_drei-punkte icon, the respective right can be restricted to specific attributes or attribute values:


In the case of the Add entry right, members of the respective user group can only create crossTank entries with a particular attribute value.

If you restrict all rights for editing and viewing crossTank entries to a particular attribute value, the members of this user group can only view and edit crossTank entries with this one attribute value.


User group rights at project level

On project level, the user group rights Add attributes and Delete attributes are available:


By default, the rights for adding and deleting attributes are activated for the user groups Supervisors and Project managers.

Using the icn_mehr_drei-punkte icon, the new rights for adding and deleting attributes can also be restricted to specific attributes:


Thus, members of the respective user groups can only select the specified attribute values for projects, e.g. when setting up projects. Other attribute values cannot be selected:


Attribute-specific user group rights during task assignment

By default, users that do not have the right to edit an attribute value defined during the project setup are hidden during the task assignment in the Tasks module. The relevant aspect is the right to add crossTank entries for the attribute value defined in the project: If a user has the right to add crossTank entries, he will be displayed in the Tasks module; if he does not have this right, he will, by default, not be displayed.

Using the icon icn_filter that is activated by default and that can be displayed by clicking More, it is possible to select whether or not users that do not have the needed rights to process the task are to be displayed in the Tasks module:


If the icon is deactivated, users without the needed rights to process the task will be displayed. The users will be displayed in red in order to distinguish them from users with sufficient rights:


Attribute-specific user group rights in the crossTank Manager

The attribute-specific user group rights also affect the various functions of the crossTank Manager. Except for the crossTank Maintenance Wizard. For example, a user who only has the right to view and create crossTank entries with the relation "Sample Inc." will only be shown crossTank entries with this relation. Accordingly, crossTank entries with other relations will be invisible to the user.

The attempt to create a crossTank entry for a relation other than "Sample Inc." will trigger the following error message:


Attribute-specific user group rights and pre-translations

As a matter of principle, especially project managers can perform pre-translations, provided that they have the right to do so, regardless of any attribute-specific user-group rights, e.g. when setting up projects or manually from within crossDesk. However, if a project manager does not have the right to access certain crossTank entries, the respective crossTank entries will not be inserted in the target document during pre-translation.