Distributing Fonts from the Master Server to the Trusted Server

When using crossGrid, no fonts are transmitted from the Master Server to the Trusted Server. The following instructions show who how fonts can be distributed from the Master Server to a Trusted Server in order to ensure correct display of all characters both in crossDesk and when generating previews.


Please note that before sharing missing fonts, the documents that contain the missing fonts must be assigned as tasks to and be accepted by the Trusted Server. Otherwise, the Fonts module of the Trusted Server will not contain the fonts.

Please note that fonts are subject to license rights. For every font, you need to procure (possible purchase) the applicable license. Especially the sharing of fonts is subject to special terms of use that may differ depending on the provider. You are responsible for procuring the required licenses for all users who need the font. Across Systems GmbH does not accept any liability for damage or claims resulting from unlicensed use.

As Trusted Server, proceed as follows:

  1. Ask your Master Server contact person to provide you with the appropriate font.
  2. Install the font on your operating system (e.g. via the Control Panel).
  3. Next, add the font to the Across database. To do this, go to the Fonts module of Across (under Administration >Fonts) and select the respective font.
  4. Click Update to add the font to the Across database.
  5. Finally, determine whether the font is registered. If so, the font will be available to all clients on the Trusted Server side. (In the case of Online Clients, the fonts are automatically available for display in crossDesk. For Offline Clients, the fonts are provided via the Font Download Wizard.)