Term Translation

After opening his task, the terminologist responsible for the translation of the terms gets a list of terms to be translated.

Click the target area of the respective term to enter the translation and then set it to "finished"; once you close the task it will be transmitted to crossTerm. If there are already crossTerm entries for the listed term, they will be highlighted in color and the target language equivalent will be inserted from crossTerm and can be edited, if necessary.

Please note that it is not possible to change an existing term within the scope of a term translation task. If you adjust the target-language term of an existing crossTerm entry in a term translation task, the adjusted term will be treated like a new term. After finishing the task, you can either add the adjusted term to the existing entry as an additional term or create an entirely new entry in crossTerm. If you want to change the target-language term for the original entry, you need to make this change directly in the crossTerm Manager.

Use the icn_cDesk_term-in-quelltext-suchen icon above the term list or double-click a term to display the contexts of the particular term in the Source View. If you click the icon again or double-click the term again, the display jumps to the next occurrence of the source term in the Source View.

To be able to translate terms, the user must have the rights to create entries and terms in the crossTerm instance Default Across Server. By default, terminologists have these two rights.

Finish task

After finishing the term translation, i.e. after translating all terms and setting them to final, you can use the icn_cDesk_aufgabe-abschliessen icon in the crossDesk taskbar to finish the task.

After a term translation task is finished, entries containing the respective source and target-language terms are automatically created in crossTerm. In this context, all entries including the terms are added to the crossTerm instance Default Across Server.