Term Extraction and Term Translation

Consistent terminology is a key precondition for high-quality translations. For this purpose, apart from the terminology management crossTerm, Across offers the possibility of extracting potential terms (term candidates) and subsequently determining and translating the actual terms before starting to translate the source document. Especially when several translators work together on a large translation project or translate a partitioned text together, it is a great advantage if all translators have access to the same processed terminology from the outset.

On the workflow side, the extraction and translation of terms is mapped by the workflow step of the terminology work. Terminology work always comprises the term extraction task and the subsequent term translation task.

By default, the user group Terminologists is designated for processing term extraction and term translation tasks.

The term extraction and translation takes place in crossDesk in a slightly different form: the translation and correction comparison contains the term extraction and translation window instead of the Target Editor.