Defining Priorities and Deadlines

While setting up the project, you can set a due date for the new project and select a priority for the tasks of the project. Moreover, you can set a separate due date for each task. If necessary, you can change the settings made during the project setup later on.

  1. Proceed as follows:
  2. To do this, select a project (in the Projects module) or a task (in the Tasks module) and click Properties.
  3. Adjust the task priority in the General tab.
  4. Adjust the due date of the project or task in the State tab.
  5. The priority of tasks is displayed both in the Tasks module and in the My Tasks module. Tasks with high priority are flagged with a red exclamation mark (icn_aufgabe_hohe-prio); tasks with low priority are flagged with a gray downward arrow (icn_aufgabe_niedrige-prio).

You can change the deadlines of multiple projects, documents, and tasks in one go. To do this, select the respective projects, documents, or tasks in the Tasks module via multiple selection. Then select the command Change Due Date in the context menu. In the following dialog window, you can adapt the due date for all selected elements.