Non-Matching Users

By default, users that cannot be assigned a task due to certain user properties or that are subject to certain limitations are hidden in the Tasks module. For example, this is the case if the particular user does not have the rights needed for processing a task, if the user is not a member of the user group designated for the processing of the task, or if currently no license is assigned to the user. Users that do not offer the language combination of the current task are always hidden.

Using the icn_cView_qm_show-ignored icon, which becomes visible when you click Show assignments, you can have the non-matching users displayed in the Tasks module. These users will be displayed in red in order to distinguish them from the matching users.

If you try to assign a task to a non-matching user, a message will indicate why the task assignment is not or only partially possible.

When assigning tasks to reviewers who do not have the right to edit or add crossTank entries, a message indicating the missing rights will appear. However, the tasks can still be assigned to the reviewers.