Task Assignment to Crowds

User crowds are special groups that are freely composed of desired users by a project manager. Crowds can be created for translation tasks and for all other tasks supported by Across. Both online and offline users can be members of a user crowd.

The assignment of tasks to a user crowd takes place in the same way as the assignment to normal users.

  • Therefore
  • by selecting the crowd in the Project Wizard or
  • in the Tasks module.

Tasks will be assigned to each crowd as a whole. Thus, every crowd member can see the assigned task. The decision which user will ultimately process the task is made on an FCFS basis.

As soon as a crowd task is accepted by a crowd member, the task assignment automatically switches from the crowd to the user who accepted the task. Thus, the task is transformed from a crowd task to a normal task.

The task will no longer be displayed to the other crowd members. An Across message informs them that the task has already been accepted by another crowd member.

Crowds & offline users

If offline users are members of a crowd, a crossWAN packaging template can be selected for them. When assigning a task to the crowd, the data package with the information for the offline users will be generated automatically on the basis of the selected packaging template.


In this case, any packaging templates assigned to the offline users will not be taken into consideration.