The Tasks module serves the distribution of tasks associated with a project. The main focus is on assigning terminologists, translators, correctors, and project managers.

Individual tasks or entire projects whose due dates are not met are displayed in red.

The tasks displayed in the Tasks module may be quite extensive in terms of the number of users available for the task assignment. However, some of the displayed information categories may be unnecessary in certain contexts, e.g. the tasks already assigned or the relay translations.

Numerous filters can be used to limit the scope of display. The filters can be accessed via the icn_spaltenkopf_filter_mit-rahmen icon of a column header of the Tasks module when moving the mouse pointer over a column head. You can adapt the filter to your needs and control the amount and type of information displayed.

If a filter has been set, a check mark will be displayed in the respective column header (icn_spaltenkopf-haekchen_filter-gesetzt).

You can also sort the task list according to the task sequence. For the three-stage workflow Translation, review, correction, for example, this means that all translation tasks are automatically assigned sequence number 1, review tasks are assigned sequence number 2, and correction tasks are assigned sequence number 3. Click the respective column header to sort all tasks in ascending (or descending order) according to the task sequence number assigned to them.


Several project managers

In Across, projects can be supervised by several project managers at the same time. Thus, the management of projects is flexible, and a project management task does not need to be reassigned when a project manager is absent, e.g. due to vacation, sickness, etc. For a project to be supervised by several project managers, simply assign the project management task of the project to several project managers.