Example 1: Use of the Details (net) Category

  • The invoice is to be generated in line with the following rules:
  • No billing of locked or hidden segments
  • No billing of repetitions, context matches, and 100% matches
  • Full billing of fuzzy matches
  • Full billing of segments without crossTank hits (No match category)

The Details (net) category serves as the basis for preparing such an invoice. This category is calculated from the total of the individual figures without any penalties (Details (total)) minus the locked, hidden, and repeated units and minus the 100% matches from the pre-translation.

To calculate the price for the translation in the Details (net) row, select the cell containing the desired unit (e.g. standard lines) and multiply the value by the corresponding rate, e.g. 310 standard lines x $1.20 = $372.00.