Reports provide an overview of all important information and statistics related to projects in Across.

Reports can be created in the Projects module: Click Reports below the project list to start the Report Wizard, which you can use to create the various standard reports. You can generate a report for individual documents or for an entire project with all documents.


After generating a report and especially if the report is going to be used as the basis for billing a translation, we recommend checking the report for correctness and plausibility.


Before updating a document in Across, you should clarify the effects on the billing with the assigned translators. Especially the deletion of paragraphs in the course of a document update must be taken into consideration.

Report history

Via the Report history you can access all reports previously generated for a project. Thus, you can access older reports later on – without having stored them outside Across.

You can find the reporting history under the corresponding tab in the settings of a project.