Assigning a Relay Translation

If no translator is available for a target language, Across automatically offers a relay translation option in the course of the task assignment. The translation sequence (e.g., German → English → Chinese) is displayed in the Relay Languages column.

Using the icn_auswahl_spaltenkopf icon in the column header for Relay Languages, you can determine whether and how many relay languages are to be displayed. The icn_auswahl_spaltenkopf icon appears when moving the mouse pointer over a column head.

The relay language is the additional language between the actual source language and the target language of the translation. For example, the selection of 1 relay language enables relay translations such as "German → English → Chinese". The selection of 2 relay languages enables relay translations such as "German (uncorrected) → German (Germany) → English → Chinese". If the display of relay languages has been set, a check mark will be displayed in the respective column header (icn_spaltenkopf-haekchen_filter-gesetzt).

Assign the relay translation to a user as usual by activating the corresponding checkbox. The relay translation task will be marked with the icn_aufgabe_relais icon in the task overview.


To be able to assign a relay translation, the language into which the text is to be translated first must be selected as the target language. This means that for the German - Chinese translation both Chinese and English must be selected as target languages.