QM Criteria for the TM Use (QM v7.0)

Unused 100% Match

Checks whether all 100% matches from crossTank have been used in the target text.

If there are several 100% matches for a sentence, only one of the available 100% matches should be taken over in the translation.

Unchanged Fuzzy Match

Checks whether a fuzzy match was inserted in the current paragraph but not edited. This criterion checks all matches that are above the match rate you defined under System Settings > General > Project Settings Templates > crossTank > Pre-translation.

For this criterion, the filter for similar errors groups errors with the same source text.

##NO_MATCH## Placeholder

Comprises all target paragraphs containing the pre-translation placeholder ##NO_MATCH## at least once. Thus, this criterion makes sure that the translator does not forget to replace the placeholder with the respective translation.

  • The placeholder is inserted in a paragraph
  • if the option Insert placeholders when not all segments can be pre-translated is activated under Tools > System Settings > General > crossTank >Pre-translation and
  • if crossTank does not contain 100% matches for every sentence of the paragraph.