QM Criteria for the Spell-Check (QM v7.0)


Checks whether the uppercase/lowercase spelling of the first word of a target paragraph corresponds to that of the first word of the source paragraph. If, for example, the first word in a source paragraph starts with a lowercase letter, but the first word in the target paragraph starts with an uppercase letter, the QM criterion will indicate an error.


Checks the spelling in the target paragraph using the modules selected under Tools > User Settings > General > Spell-check. Optionally, you can determine that no errors are to be reported for words that occur in the same way in the source paragraph.

Repeated Words

Checks the text for two successive identical words. The check is case-sensitive (except for the initial letter) and ignores numbers (which are part of the number consistency check). Repetitions that already occur in the source text are ignored.


For languages that use reduplication (e.g. Japanese), the use of this criterion might not be beneficial. If necessary, create a separate QM template without this criterion.