QM Criterion for Date/Time/Numbers (QM v7.0)

Checks whether the date, time and number formats have been translated correctly and adapted to the target language according to the settings under Tools > System Settings > General > Language Settings.


  • The criterion can only identify errors in the translation if Across recognizes the particular date, time, or number in the source text as such. For these data to be recognized, they must have a valid format in the source text.
  • For example, a date correctly recognized by Across is evident from the blue overline.
  • The tooltip of a data, time, or number shows what format the information was recognized as and what the corresponding information looks like in the target language.


In the language settings, the date formats have been defined as follows:

  • English: YYYY-MM-DD, .e.g 2019-05-31
  • German: DD.MM.YYYY, e.g. 31.05.2019

If, for example, the date 2019-05-31 in the English source text is translated into German as 2019-05-31, the QM criterion will report an error.