Quality management


From v7.0, you can choose between QM mode v6.3 and QM mode v7.0. The modes differ in terms of the scope of their QM criteria and the way how they are set up and integrated in projects and tasks.

  • Important notes concerning the work in the supply chain:
  • If all parties work with v7.0, they must decide which QM mode they will use in a project.
  • If one of the parties uses v6.3, QM v6.3 must be used.

By default, Across provides a number of quality management criteria (QM criteria) on the basis of which translations are checked for possible errors. For example, Across normally checks whether there are any spelling mistakes in the translation and whether some paragraphs have not been translated and are still empty.

The errors detected during the QM check are displayed to the translator directly in crossDesk.

For project managers, the errors are also shown in the Quality Management module. Distinction is made between normal errors, errors that concern mandatory criteria, and ignored errors. Depending on which level you click (project, document, or language), further information will be displayed. At the language level, for example, you can see which QM criteria reported an error, and how often. QM criteria for which no errors are found are not displayed.

QM Check of Pre-translated Paragraphs

You can centrally determine whether paragraphs that have been translated via pre-translation are to be taken into consideration in QM checks (e.g. during document check-in or when performing a QM check in crossDesk). Since the pre-translated texts have already been QM-checked once, namely during their creation, the pre-translation can be accelerated by enabling the option.

QM v6.3

You can find this option under Administration > Workflows on the Quality Management tab of the task templates of a workflow.

QM v7.0

You can find the option under Tools > System Settings > General > Project Settings Templates > crossTank > Pre-translation.