Project settings

By using project settings, you can ensure that all involved in a project (translators, correctors, etc.) work with the same basic settings, e.g. with regard to the selected values of crossTank penalties and crossTank storing settings. The project settings defined by you are read-only and thus cannot be changed by the individuals involved in the project.

Selected project settings also apply when using crossGrid and crossWAN.

When delegating crossGrid tasks, the settings can only be changed on the Trusted Server side if the corresponding option is enabled during the package creation.

The project settings are defined in the form of project settings templates. These templates are created and configured in the corresponding section of the system settings under Tools > System Settings > General > Project Settings Templates.


Please note that you need certain rights to view and edit the project settings templates. By default, the supervisor is responsible for this task.

Project settings templates can be selected when creating a project in the Project Wizard.


After the project has been created, you can view the project settings in the Settings tab of the respective project settings and customize them, if necessary.


By means of the icn_cDesk_projekteinstellungen icon in the crossDesk Search Center and in the crossTerm window, translators can see that project settings have been defined. By clicking the icon, the selected settings can be viewed, but not modified.