Project creation

A project forms the basis for all translations and any further work steps in Across. The project setup comprises steps such as the selection of the documents to be translated, the specification of the target languages of the translation, and the determination of the underlying workflow.

The Project Wizard assists you in creating a new project in Across. You can supplement the Dashboard with a dashlet for opening the Project Wizard.

The projects in Across are managed in the Projects module, which can be accessed via Projects > Projects in the module bar to the left of the screen. Additionally, there are further modules for the project management with Across, e.g. the Tasks module for assigning tasks to Across users or the Quality Management module.

While you are setting up a project, you can check in documents to be translated in Across. Use the Alignment Wizard to incorporate existing translation units in crossTank, the Across translation memory.

In the Subcontractor Edition of the Across Language Server, projects are set up on the crossGrid Master Server only. An independent setup of projects is not possible.


The icons below are used for the various tasks:

Tasks carried out on the project level
Tasks to be performed on the source document
Tasks to be performed in the target language or on the target document
Project management
Document preparation
Term Extraction
Term Translation
Document translation
Document review
Document correction
Document verification
External document editing

Click the buttons on the right next to the user window to view the settings of the selected user (icn_benutzer_einstellungen) and to send him or her an e-mail (icn_benutzer_e-mail-senden) or an Across internal message (icn_benutzer_nachricht-senden).

To send e-mails to a user, his or her e-mail address must be available in the settings of that user. Moreover, your e-mail settings must be entered under Tools > User Settings > General > E-mail.


If your SMTP server requires a secure SSL connection, please note that Across only supports explicit SSL.