Updating Project/Document

  1. Proceed as follows:
  2. Click the module bar on the left to switch to the Projects module via Projects > Projects.
  3. Right-click on the requested project/document and select Update.

    You also can select several documents of a project.

  4. Once the Update Wizard has started, click Next.
  5. If the name and location of the new versions has not changed, select the first option.
    If the location of the documents has changed, select the second option and click Browse. Then select the new location and click OK.
  6. Now you can determine whether the comments and bookmarks in crossDesk, which may be contained in the original versions of the documents, are to be retained in the updated versions.
  7. Under Comment, you can insert comments that will be written to the properties of the respective document version.
  8. In addition to this, when localizing Windows resources, you can enter information in the comment area via the drop-down list:
    Date and time of creation
    File date
    File name
    File owner
    File path at check-in
    File size
    Time of check-in
  9. Click Next.
  10. Change the selected document settings template if necessary. To do so, select the document for which you would like to change the template and select the template from the drop-down list under the document list.
  11. Click Configure to view and, if necessary, to edit the selected template, or to create a new template.
  12. Click Next to start analyzing the new document(s).
  13. If the updated documents contain linked objects such as images, you can choose during the check-in process whether the linked objects should be kept as linked objects or whether they should be embedded.

    If the linked objects are embedded, they become part of the document. These objects remain embedded also after the translated document has been checked out. If the links are retained, the objects continue to be linked to the external storage location. The links are retained also after the translated document has been checked out.

  14. Once the analysis has been completed, click Next.

    The result of the comparison of the old and new versions is displayed. The number of changes in already translated as well as in not yet translated paragraphs is displayed as well. When you update several documents you can use the drop-down list to display the analysis of a certain document or the overall analysis of all documents.

  15. Click Update to start the update. You can track the progress via the progress display.
  16. Click Finish to finish updating the document(s).
  17. The updated document(s) appear(s) in the Projects module. The assigned translator can now start editing the updated version, or you can adjust the assignment if necessary.

    If the order is assigned to an offline user, the package must be rebuilt.

  18. The updated paragraphs are now marked as Updated icn_cDesk_zustand_aktualisiert or New icn_cDesk_zustand_neu.

Across sets up a new version of each updated document. You can view all versions of a document in the Projects module by clicking Properties and switching to the Versions tab. Click Report to view a report that shows the differences from the previous version.


You can restore or delete old version states easily.