Project Management Cockpit

The Project Management Cockpit provides diverse options for querying translation and PM-relevant indicators. The PM Cockpit offers you a set of predefined standard queries for the most common application situations. Moreover, you can create user-defined queries.


The PM Cockpit can be accessed via Projects > Cockpit in the Across module bar on the left of the screen.


Opening the Cockpit for the first time may take some time, as the underlying service must first be initialized.

Using Queries

To use a query, click it in the overview of queries at the left-hand edge of the PM Cockpit. The query will be opened in the right-hand pane of the PM Cockpit.

If you use several queries, they will be arranged in tabs.

Integrated PM Functions

Central PM functions can be executed directly from within the Cockpit. For example, projects can be checked out, and source documents or target languages can be added to projects.

You can display and hide the PM functions via the icn_pm-cockpit_ausklappen/icn_pm-cockpit_einklappen icon at the right-hand edge of the PM Cockpit.

Tasks displayed within queries can be opened in crossDesk with a double-click.

Interaction of the PM Cockpit with Other Across Modules

The PM Cockpit interacts with other Across modules in various ways. For example, the results of queries can be displayed directly in the Dashboard. From within the Across Dashboard, a query can be started in the PM Cockpit by clicking the respective query dashlet. After selecting a task in the PM Cockpit, you can open this task directly with the corresponding button in the Tasks module.

Project Status

The following icons are used to display the project status.

Unreleased project
Project in progress
Finished project