The translators of the partitioned source document can process the partitions just like normal translations. You can view the entire source text; however, you can only edit the part of the document that has been assigned to you. The part not assigned to you cannot be edited and is displayed with a gray background.


Please note that you need to have the appropriate rights in order to partition documents. By default, the supervisor and the project manager are responsible for partitioning documents.

Important Notes

  • The document language that you would like to partition must not already be assigned.
  • By means of project settings templates, the Master Server determines whether a Trusted Server may partition tasks received.
  • Partitions of a document cannot be distributed to different Trusted Servers. If you assign a partition to a Trusted Server, all other partitions will automatically be assigned to the same Trusted Server.
  • A setting in the task templates determines whether a partitioned document may be processed by multiple users. If this option is deactivated, all partitions will be assigned to the same user.
  • Partitions created in v6.3 will be taken over to v7.0 as they are. This means that even partition sizes that are no longer available, such as 1/3 or 2/3, will be taken over.

Presentation of Repetitions in the Reports

Please note that the Across reports merely contain the repetitions at project and document level, but not separately for individual partitions. If necessary, the number of repetitions per partition must be determined manually.