Creating a Report

  1. Proceed as follows:
  2. Go to the Projects section.
  3. Select a project and click Report.
  4. Determine whether you want to generate the report for a customer or supplier and select the respective customer or supplier.
  5. If the customer or supplier has been assigned several price lists, select the desired price list. If only one price list has been assigned, it will be preselected.

    Please note that the selected price list must be suitable for the project, especially as far as the underlying workflow is concerned. For a project with the Translation and correction workflow, it is thus necessary to provide a price list in which the price categories are defined on the basis of the Translation and correction workflow.

  6. If the price list contains a user-defined task category, you can additionally define the amount (in hours).

    Please note that only integer values can be entered for user-defined task categories. Figures with comma values will automatically be rounded up or down.

  7. Click Build to generate the report.