Editing Documents Outside Across

  1. Follow the instructions below if you have been assigned a task as part of external editing and you need to translate or edit it outside Across.
  2. Open the external document editing task.
  3. Click Save source document to save the document to be translated or edited to your hard disk.
  4. Also click Save attachments, in case the project manager has provided reference documents for you.
  5. To process a document edited in Across outside Across, the document must first be checked out to convert it to its original format. To do this, click Check out most recent target document edited in Across.
  6. Translate or edit the document outside Across.
  7. To transfer intermediate work results to the Across Server or the project manager, click Upload externally edited document and manually set the progress indicator to the respective level.

    In crossWeb. the size of documents that can be uploaded is limited to 50 MB each.

  8. When you have finished translating or editing the document, manually set the progress indicator to 100%" and activate the Finished checkbox.
  9. Click Upload externally edited document.
  10. The translated or edited document will now be transferred to the Across Server. Thus, your task is now finished.

If the project manager has edited the document in the meantime or if you are working at another location, use Save externally edited document to save the current version of the document on your local workstation. The document needs to be uploaded first.