Partitioning Documents

If large documents need to be translated within a short time, it is possible to partition these documents, i.e. to divide them into several parts and distribute them to several translators. The individual parts of a document can then be assigned to the selected translators.


Please note that you need to have the appropriate rights.

By default, the project manager is designated for this type of task.

  1. Proceed as follows:
  2. Create your project as usual.
  3. If tasks have already been assigned, you need to unassign them in order to be able to partition them.
    Example: You have tasks for French and English and want to partition only French. English is already assigned. In this case, you can keep the assignment for English.
  4. In the Tasks view, click the respective document and click Partition.
  5. Click Change partitioning next to a target language in order to adjust the partitioning. Select one of the following options:
    No partitioning
    Resets all partitioning settings.
    Equal partitioning
    Determines the number of partitions. The system will create partitions of almost the same size, i.e. with an identical or similar word count.
    Advanced partitioning
    • Enables individual partitioning with the following options:
    • Split after every x words: Enter the number of words for a partition.
    • Split after every x paragraphs: Enter the number of paragraphs for a partition.
    • Split after following paragraphs: Enter the paragraph numbers after which a new partition is to be created.

    The maximum number of partitions is 100.

  6. Click Finish to perform the partitioning.
  7. The partitions can now be assigned as tasks.

    Aside from the exact word count, the size of the individual partitions in percent is specified. This figure in percent is an approximation.

The MDR contains a general overview and a document analysis with basic information about the partitions.

The dialogs for the task confirmation contain detailed information about the partition. The translator sees the entire document in crossDesk, but can only process the partition assigned to him or her.