Machine Pre-translation in Across

In Across, the machine translation is performed within the scope of a pre-translation. For this purpose, the sentences of the source document are matched against the existing translation units in crossTank. Any existing 100% matches can be inserted automatically in the translation. Additionally, when using machine translation plugins, the sentences of the source document are sent to the MT systems, pre-translated, and also inserted in the translation.

The machine translation can be configured in such a way that only source sentences for which no suitable translation units are available in crossTank are machine-translated.

Automatic pre-translation

The pre-translation can be started automatically while setting up a project or manually by the Across user from crossDesk during the translation.

If the machine translation is to be performed while setting up a project, the option Store 100% matches/MT results directly to paragraphs must be activated in the Project Wizard settings of the user settings.

You can access this section via Tools > User Settings > General > Project Wizard Settings.

Manual pre-translation

To launch the machine translation from crossDesk, i.e. during the translation, select Tools > Pre-translation from the menu bar (or click the icn_cDesk_voruebersetzung-starten icon in the upper crossDesk toolbar) and click Search.

The document is analyzed and matched against crossTank. Additionally, the contents are sent to the respective MT system. Subsequently, the pre-translation result is displayed.

Click Save Pre-translation to insert the results of the pre-translation in the target text.

To enable the systematic revision of the paragraphs inserted by means of an MT system, these are marked with a special paragraph state Machine translated in crossDesk (icn_cDesk_zustand_maschinell-uebersetzt).


Paragraphs comprising multiple segments of which at least one has been machine-translated are also set to the paragraph state Machine-translated.

In case a machine-translated paragraph contains formatting, Across will automatically use the formatting that is predominant in the paragraph for the inserted translation.

Storage in the TM

The first time machine-translated segments are saved to the TM, they are set to the status Machine-translated, even if they have been post-edited. At this point, other statuses can only be set manually.

The next time the respective translation units are used and stored, they will automatically be set to Smartly inserted or Released, depending on the settings in the task template.

Machine Translation in Across Reports

Moreover, passages inserted via MT system are listed separately in the Across reports: