DST for Converted Documents

Suitable document settings templates are available for document formats that are processed in Across with the help of crossTransform. You can find these templates in the sections for the document settings templates of the formats to which the documents are transformed temporarily.

Tagged XML for QuarkXPress (TAG or XTG format)

  • The following formats use Visual XML template:
  • Adobe InDesign (in INX interchange format)
  • Adobe InCopy (in INCX interchange format)
  • Configuration files (INI files)
  • Windows Installer (MSI files)
  • Portable Object (PO files)

Normally, you should not customize these templates, as they are already predefined and have been optimized for processing the respective formats in Across.

If you still want to customize the templates, be sure to make a backup copy of the original template (using the Export button). Moreover, consult a competence partner before you customize the templates.