Details of Software Localization

As Across supports RC, DLL, and EXE files, you can use it to localize software. Across separates the program code from the strings to be translated, thereby filtering out the information that is relevant for you.

Apart from doing the actual translation, you can assign keyboard shortcuts and hotkeys and modify the size and position of dialog elements and buttons. Here, you work in the WYSIWYG mode (What You See is What You Get). This means that you can see the graphical representation of the localized application while you're translating. And you can do all this without working on the program code or having to consult a computer expert. This ensures that the programming remains as it is and that the surface of the localized software application will be identical to that of the original.


Apart from the .NET localization of Windows Forms, Across also supports the localization of resources of the Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) graphics framework. The respective resources are localized as RESOURCE.DLL files.