In Across, documents are always associated with a project. For this reason, all document-related operations are carried out in the Projects module. A distinction is made in the case of translations between source documents and target documents. Source documents are normally documents that are available in the source language. Target documents are translations which have to be produced.


Every source document that is to be translated in Across must first be "checked in" to Across: This means that the document must be analyzed, e.g. for any existing matches, and be prepared for translation in Across. In the course of this process, the document is imported to Across and converted to an Across-specific format. In Across, the documents thus no longer exist in their original format, e.g. MS word. After check-in, the documents can be processed/translated in Across.

Across automatically starts the check-in process after setting up a new project or adding a document to an existing project.

  • The following analyses are performed during check-in:
  • Analysis of the source document to determine the number of characters, words, sentences, etc. in the document
  • Comparison of the source document with the crossTank data and determination of the number of matches (fuzzy matches, 100% matches, etc.)
  • QM check. The criteria activated in the properties of the respective tasks (in the Workflow module) are checked. If the workflow selected for the project comprises several tasks, only the QM criteria of one task will be checked, namely those of the first task of the workflow that pertains to the processing of the target document (e.g. document translation, but not term extraction).

    The QM check is always conducted for all paragraphs of the source document. Under Tools > System Settings > General > Project Settings Templates > crossTank > Pre-translation Settings, there is an option for disabling the QM check for pre-translated paragraphs.


To view the selected document, click the Preview button under the target language list in the Projects module. You can create a preview while translating via the Tools toolbar in crossDesk.