Document preparation

The document preparation within the scope of the document preparation tasks serves the purpose of preparing the source document for subsequent tasks, especially for the document translation.

Usually, document preparation tasks can be handled by the project manager. Thus, they usually comprise project management activities and tasks.

However, the activities and tasks to be performed within the scope of a document preparation task are not predefined and may vary depending on the objective.

By default, the document preparation task is part of the Advanced and EN 15038 Standard workflows.

In the document preparation task, the source text is displayed both in the Source View and the Target Editor due to the nature of this task. The source text cannot be edited since no content changes but only preparatory actions should be performed.

Application scenarios

The following list provides an overview of typical application scenarios of document preparation tasks:

Locking or hiding sections of a source document

Sometimes, parts of a document need to be excluded from the translation, e.g. because they merely contain figures that are not to be translated or adapted.

If the information contained is relevant for processing the subsequent tasks, the respective parts of the source document can be locked. If the information is not relevant, these parts may be hidden. Thus, they will not be visible to those who process the subsequent tasks.

Adding attachments to projects and documents

In order to facilitate the translation of a source document, the translator can be provided with further documents containing relevant additional or background information. These may be reference documents like earlier versions of a document or parallel texts or any other files to be made available to the translator in the attachment.

Within the scope of document preparation tasks, reference documents/attachments can be added via the icn_anhang tab of crossView.

Inserting comments

The project manager may need or want to provide the translator of a source document with information or instructions for the translation.

Within the scope of document preparation tasks, the project manager can use the icn_cDesk_kommentar icon to insert this information or instructions as comments in the respective paragraphs.

Defining source-language terminology

Instead of preparing the terminology prior to the translation, certain scenarios may require only the source-language terminology to be defined before the translation. Subsequently, the corresponding target-language terms may be added during the translation. For example, the translator can add target-language translations to the source-language terms while translating a paragraph.

This source-language terminology work can be done within the scope of document preparation tasks. The project manager can select the respective terms in the source document and successively add them in crossTerm, e.g. using the icn_cDesk_te_quellterme-hinzufuegen icon in the toolbar of the Target Editor.

Confirming and Opening Document Preparation Tasks

Like all other tasks, document preparation tasks, too, must be accepted before they can be processed. For example, this can be done in the My Tasks module of the crossBoard. Subsequently, the task can be opened and processed in crossDesk.

Finishing Document Preparation Tasks

After completing the processing of a document preparation task, it must be finished. This can be done by means of the icn_cDesk_aufgabe-abschliessen icon in the standard toolbar of crossDesk.

The task can be finished at any time and does not need to have reached a certain editing state.