crossGrid Reporting

The generation of reports on the Trusted Server side is basically identical to the normal generation of reports.

Reporting Differences between the Master Server and the Trusted Server

Please note that the reports on the Master Server side may be different from those on the Trusted Server side.

  • The reasons for these differences may be as follows:
  • Only sub-projects have been delegated to the Trusted Server.
  • Different settings have been selected on the two sides, e.g. for the penalties for crossTank entries.
  • As of Across v7.0, repetitions are calculated differently than in Across v6.3, and only one of the sides uses v7.0.
  • In its package, the Master Server has not transmitted all attributes (e.g. relation, project, subject) to the Trusted Server. Thus, any penalties cannot be applied there.

Integrated Reporting Comparison Trusted Server vs. Master Server

For improved management, the reports can be compared on the Trusted Server side after retrieving crossGrid tasks. To do so, activate the corresponding option in the crossGrid Retrieve Wizard:


Any reporting differences are displayed in red in the report on the Trusted Server side. Different figures are listed alongside each other, the figures of the Master Server being listed at the first position and those of the Trusted Server at the second.


Should the values of the two servers differ substantially from each other, contact the responsible person on the Master Server side.

In addition to the Across reports, extensive reporting log files are generated when reports are updated. Among other things, these reporting log files contain detailed information about utilized crossTank entries, match rates, etc. and are available on the Trusted Server side.

The reporting log files can be saved in the Report History dialog window of the Report Wizard using the Save log file button and subsequently be opened with an external program, such as a text editor. With the help of text comparison tools like WinMerge, the reporting log files of a Master Server and a Trusted Server can easily be compared, and differences can be identified.

The icn_anhang icon in the Report History of the Report Wizard indicates that a reporting log file is available for a report.