Assigning Your Own User Groups to a User-Defined Workflow

If you are assigned tasks that are part of a user-defined workflow on the Master Server side, you may have to specify the user groups that are to be responsible for processing the tasks on the Trusted Server side. If this is the case, you will see a message to this effect.

Transferring the Assignment to Your Own User Groups

  1. Proceed as follows:
  2. Import the crossGrid package.
  3. In the module bar on the left-hand side, click Administration > Workflows to enter the Workflows module.
  4. Select the workflow that the Master Server has determined for the crossGrid package.
  5. Select the task type that has been delegated to your Trusted Server.
  6. Click the Properties button.
  7. Click OK to close the displayed message.
    You can still perform the needed changes.
  8. Go to the Assignable Groups tab.
  9. Select the required user group in the Non-assignable groups area.
  10. Click > to move the selected user group to the Assignable groups area.

    The user group is now designated for processing the respective task. In the Tasks module, you can assign the task as usual to a member of this group.

  11. If necessary, repeat the procedure for further task types of the workflow.

Identifying the Utilized Workflow

  1. If you cannot identify the utilized workflow, proceed as follows:
  2. Click the module bar on the left to switch to the Projects module via Projects > Projects.
  3. Select the respective document of the crossGrid package.
  4. Click the Properties button.
  5. The name of the workflow is displayed under the Document tab in the drop-down list Workflow.