Retrieving Delegated Packages

This instruction will help you to understand how you can download packages that have been delegated to your Across Server from a remote Across Server in the crossGrid module. In this case, your Across Server takes on the role of the Trusted Server. The Across Server that delegated the projects to your Across Server takes on the role of the Master Server.

To retrieve the packages, you can either download the data to your Trusted Server from the Master Server (crossGrid online) or import them in the form of a GWU (Grid Working Unit) file (crossGrid classic). In this case, the project manager on Master Server side should provide this file to you on a suitable data medium (e.g., a USB stick), by e-mail or as an FTP download.

The crossGrid Retrieve Wizard assists you in retrieving packages delegated to your Across Server.


The connection and communication between the Across Servers that are linked by crossGrid are secured by Server Certificate Package files (SCP files). Please note that these files need to be exchanged outside Across and imported to Across via Tools > System Settings > General > crossGrid prior to connecting the Servers.


Please note that you need to have the appropriate rights.

By default, the project manager is designated for this type of task.

  1. Proceed as follows:
  2. Click the module bar on the left to switch to the crossGrid module via Projects > crossGrid.
  3. Click Update list under the bottom right pane.

    Across will check whether any packages have been delegated to your Across Server. Any delegated packages will be listed in the bottom right pane.


    By default, all Master Servers are queried for delegated tasks when the list is updated. Depending on the response time of the respective Master Server, this process can take some time. Therefore, you can limit the query and display to a specific Master Server by means of the tree view. To do this, select a Server from the tree view.

  4. Select the package you want to retrieve.
  5. Click Retrieve in order to start the crossGrid Retrieve Wizard for retrieving packages.
  6. Once the wizard has started, click Next.
  7. Choose if you want to:
    • download the package directly from the Master Server and select the requested package from the drop-down list,
    • or if you want to import the package in form of a GWU file (Grid Working Unit).
  8. If necessary, activate the option Compare reports after retrieval in order to compare the Master Server and Trusted Server reports.
  9. Click Next.
  10. The information about the package is displayed. If you wish, change the name and the project manager of the package.
  11. Click Next.

    The tasks contained in the package are listed.

  12. Select the task you want to retrieve by enabling or disabling the respective checkboxes.
  13. Then click Finish.

    The download of relevant data begins.


    Please note that due to technical reasons, you cannot work in crossDesk while downloading or importing crossGrid packages.

    Now you can confirm or Reject the delegated crossGrid packages and tasks contained in them. All relevant information on the respective task is displayed in a report in order to assist you in your decision to confirm or reject the task.

  14. Click Confirm to confirm the delegated crossGrid packages and tasks contained in them.

    The relevant data including crossTank and crossTerm entries will be imported if made available by the Master Server.

  15. Click Reject to reject the task.

    In this case, the crossGrid Retrieve Wizard will cancel retrieving.

  16. The package delegated to your Across Server is displayed both in the list of delegated packages and in the project tree, marked with a blue arrow pointing to the right (icn_cGrid_ts_delegiertes-paket).

The tasks contained in the delegated packages can be processed like normal tasks in Across: after the tasks are assigned, they are processed and finished. Subsequently, the data are transmitted back to the Master Server. This can be done with the crossGrid Deliver Wizard.