crossGrid Packaging Templates

With the help of packaging templates, the compilation of the data to be transmitted to the Trusted Server for the processing of tasks assigned to it can be predefined for each Trusted Server. The data to be transmitted are defined in the packaging templates.

With the help of these templates, you can ensure that all involved in the project (translators, correctors, etc.) work with the same settings – e.g., those for the crossTank penalties. If the option is deactivated, the individuals involved in the project cannot modify the defined project settings.

crossGrid packaging templates can be created and configured under Tools > System Settings > General >crossGrid Packaging Templates.

By linking the templates to the respective Trusted Server, you can make sure that only the desired data will be transmitted to each Trusted Server.

When compiling the data for the Trusted Server in the crossGrid Package Wizard, the settings are pre-defined according to the applicable template and usually do not need to be modified manually. As a matter of principle, only the crossTank and/or crossTerm entries that exist in the source language and the target language of the translation will be transmitted. For example, for a translation from English to German, only translation units and/or terms in English and German, but not in French, will be transmitted. By default, the crossTank and/or crossTerm entries in all sublanguages will be transmitted.