Availability of Entries

The assignment of tasks to a Trusted Server comprises the compilation of the data to be provided to the Trusted Server side for processing the tasks. These data especially include the crossTank and crossTerm entries. These entries are available on the Trusted Server side until the last task assigned to the Trusted Server is finished and sent back to the Master Server. Only after the last tasks have been sent to the Master Server, the entries will be deleted from the Trusted Server.

Please note that crossTank entries that are deleted on the Master Server will not be removed from the Trusted Server if these entries already exist there during the next transmission of crossTank entries to the Trusted Server. In crossTerm, the deletion of entries and terms on the Trusted Server side will take place automatically the next time terminology is transmitted to the Trusted Server. The deletion of entries and terms depends on the selected option in the dialog for building data packages for the Trusted Server. However, deletions will not be transmitted if the entries have been deleted via mass operations. These mass operations may be the deletion of a crossTerm instance or the function Remove All Entries in the section for the administration of the crossTerm instances in the crossTerm settings.

Complete deletion of the crossTank and crossTerm data will take place if all assigned tasks have been completed and uploaded to the Master Server at a particular time. On the Master Server side, all crossGrid packages must be deleted. Then it is normally necessary to sync the Master Server and the Trusted Server by clicking Update list and confirming the subsequent messages ("The delegation of the package 'package name' has been withdrawn." and "Do you want to remove external package(s)?") with OK or Yes on the Trusted Server side. In this way, all crossGrid packages will be deleted on the Trusted Server side. The deletion of the last package is accompanied by the deletion of the entries. Depending on the amount of crossTank/crossTerm data, this can take some time.

If tasks are continually assigned to the Trusted Server, the crossTank entries can, instead of being deleted, be marked with an additional user-defined system attribute (e.g. the attribute State with the attribute value Outdated).