Activating crossConnect for External Editing

  1. Proceed as follows:
  2. Open the system settings via Tools > System Settings.
  3. Go to General > Project Settings Templates.
  4. Activate the option Allow secure external processing for the respective environment (local and supply chain).
  5. Close the dialog.
  6. Switch to the module via Administration > Workflow.
  7. Create a new workflow that contains the desired tasks, such as Translation and Correction, by clicking New and entering the appropriate information in the Workflow Wizard.
  8. After creating the workflow, select the new workflow and go to the Task list tab.
  9. Select the task type, e.g. Translation for external machine translation or Correction for external review.

    Generally, the task type that follows immediately after the external processing must be selected here.

  10. Click Properties.
  11. In the Task Template Properties dialog, activate the option Task can only be started after external processing is finished.
  12. Click Activate in order to make the workflow available for use.

    crossConnect for External Editing is now ready to use.

  13. Subsequently, create a project that uses the newly created workflow in order to actuate crossConnect for External Editing.