crossConnect for External Editing

With crossConnect for External Editing, it is now also possible to integrate third-party systems in your Across workflows for the purpose of an intermediate external editing step outside Across. Nevertheless, the supply chain remains closed, so that your projects are safely protected, also thanks to the additional encryption.

  • In collaboration with partner companies, Across offers solutions that cover the following application cases:
  • Machine Translation
  • Machine review
  • External quality assurance
  • External review
  • Moreover, custom solutions can be implemented.

The Across wiki provides detailed information on the implementation of crossConnect for External Editing.

The Across wiki can be accessed at Ask your contact at Across Systems GmbH for your personal login details.


crossConnect for content management systems will continue to be available separately. crossConnect for External Editing is a component that also needs to be licensed separately. If you are interested in this utility, please contact your account manager at Across Systems GmbH.

Usage requirements

To use crossConnect for External Editing, you need a suitable license. Apart from the setup in crossAutomate (for more information, please contact your partner at Across Systems GmbH), crossConnect for External Editing must be activated in two places in Across:

  • System settings
  • Workflow module