The Tools Menu in the Across Client

The following entries are available:

User settings
Opens the user settings in which you can make user-defined changes, such as choosing to check spelling.
System settings
Opens the system settings in which changes can be made that have an effect on the entire Across installation, such as the sentence detection settings.
Change Username / Password
Enables Across users to change the user name and/or the password.
Delivery Certificates
Opens a crossWAN package delivery report when using crossWAN.
Allows you to send and, in the crossWAN load and crossWAN classic mode, also to receive messages from other users, and also to read and manage old messages.
Allows you to open, enable and disable the crossTank Manager via additional menu items.
Allows you to open, enable and disable the crossTerm Manager via additional menu items.
Opens crossAdmin, the administration application for Across Servers. To do this, the Client must be installed on the same computer as the Across Server.
Insert Symbol
Opens a window in crossDesk that enables you to insert a symbol at the current cursor position in the Target Editor.
Search & Replace
In crossDesk opens the Search and Replace dialog for searching and replacing items in the target text.
Offers a preview of source or target document in crossDesk.
Translate all Objects
In crossDesk, sets all paragraphs that contain objects to the Translated state.
Opens the pre-translation dialog box in crossDesk.
Set All Paragraphs to
Enables all paragraphs of the document to be set to an editing state (Untouched, Touched, Translated, Corrected) in crossDesk.
Set all Paragraphs with Empty Source to
Certain document formats, such as EXE and RC files, may contain a large number of empty paragraphs. Using this menu item in crossDesk, you can simply and quickly set all empty source paragraphs of the current document to the desired state. In addition, the editing state of those paragraphs which contain only placeables - i.e. gray non-editable fields - will also be changed.
Import/Export crossWAN Tasks Wizard
Opens the Import/Export crossWAN Tasks Wizard to import or export WAN tasks in the form of CRU or CWU files.
Import crossTank/crossTerm Packages Wizard
Opens the Import crossTank/crossTerm Packages Wizard for importing crossTank and/or crossTerm data packages that were transmitted from crossWAN load users or from a Trusted Server as part of crossGrid projects.
Change Paragraph States
Opens the dialog to change the paragraph states in crossDesk.
Copy Source Text to Untouched Target Paragraphs
Copies the content of source-text paragraphs to the corresponding target-text paragraphs in crossDesk. This function is performed for the paragraphs with the editing state Untouched only, i.e. not for the paragraphs with the editing state Touched or Translated.