Wizards are assistants that help users carry out a task by guiding them through the corresponding activities of a program step by step. This means that even users with limited experience, at least when it comes to the standard tasks of the program, can use Across effectively in a short amount of time. If you would like to work productively without investing much time up front, you should use the Wizards to guide you through the task you would like to perform.

One of these wizards is for example the Project Wizard which guides you through the project setup quickly and easily.

In order to give you an overview of your options, all Wizards are listed in what follows.

Creating user groups
Defining rights for a group
Creating a user crowd
Group Wizard
Administration > Groups > New
Create sets of default settings that are assigned to user groups
Editing preset settings
User Settings Template Wizard
Administration > User Settings Templates > New
Creating users
Defining group memberships
Assigning profiles
Maintaining contact data
Managing login details
Setting user types
Determine language skills and rating of users
Defining subjects for users
Retrieving user key (save, send)
User Wizard
Administration > User > New
Creating an project
Project Wizard
Projects > Projects > New
Splitting up translations (partitioning)
Partition Wizard
Projects > Projects > Partitioning
Projects > Tasks > right-click > Partitioning
Updating translation/source document
Update Wizard
Projects > Projects > Update
Context menu of a task: Update
Importing and assigning translated text pairs
Alignment Wizard
File > Alignment
Generating reports
Report Wizard
Projects > Projects > Reports
Projects > Tasks > Reports
Changing the assigned workflow of several documents subsequently
Multi Document Workflow Change Wizard
Context menu of a project: Workflow
Transmitting finished translations to crossTank
Store Translations Wizard
Automatically on finishing of a task
Context menu of a project, document or target language: Store Finished Translations to crossTank
Returning translation to the original format (check out)
Check-Out Wizard
Projects > Projects > Check Out
Saving projects as project file
Archiving projects as project file
Exchanging projects as project file
Project Export Wizard
File > Export Project
Importing project files
Project Import Wizard
File > Import Project
Create/change format templates for target documents
Style Wizard
Projects > Styles > Styles
Importing crossWAN Tasks
Exporting crossWAN Tasks
Import/Export crossWAN Tasks Wizard
Tools > Import/Export crossWAN Tasks Wizard
Importing crossTank packages
Importing crossTerm packages
(for MS Across v6.3 - TS Across v7.0 supply chain scenarios)
Import crossTank/crossTerm Packages Wizard
Tools > Import crossTank/Term Packages Wizard
Delegating projects
crossGrid Delegation Wizard
Projects > crossGrid > Create
Defining which data will be transferred to the Trusted Server
crossGrid Package Wizard
Projects > crossGrid > Build
Download or import tasks assigned to your ALS in the form of GWU files
crossGrid Retrieve Wizard
Projects > crossGrid > Retrieve
Transferring completed tasks to the delegating Across server or in the form of GRU files.
crossGrid Deliver Wizard
Projects > crossGrid > Deliver
Creating a workflow
Workflow Wizard
Administration > Workflows > New
Adding tasks to an own workflow
Workflow Extension Wizard
Select your own workflow under Administration > Workflows, click Expand in the Task List tab
Creating quality management lists
Defining the time at which the QM list is checked in the workflow
QM Criteria List Wizard
Tools > System Settings > General > Quality Management > Manage QM criteria > New
Exporting a translation memory (in whole or in part)
crossTank Export Wizard
In the crossTank Manager:
Export translations
Importing translation memories
crossTank Import Wizard
In the crossTank Manager:
Import translations
Maintaining crossTank entries
crossTank Maintenance Wizard
In the crossTank Manager:
Importing Terminology
crossTerm Import Wizard
In the crossTerm Manager:
Import terms
Exporting Terminology
crossTerm Export Wizard
In the crossTerm Manager:
Exmport terms
Create user-defined filters for the term search
crossTerm Filter Wizard
In the crossTerm Manager:
Managing User-Defined Filters/Filter Sets > Add
Tools > Managing User-Defined Filters/Filter Sets > Add
Creating a filter set (combine several filters in a certain order)
crossTerm Filter Set Wizard
In the crossTerm Manager:
Managing User-Defined Filters/Filter Sets > Filter Sets > Add
Tools > Managing User-Defined Filters/Filter Sets > Filter Sets > Add
Changing data categories of several terms/entries
crossTerm Mass Operations Wizard
In the crossTerm Manager:
Select several entries/terms, in the context menu select Change data categories

Specific wizards for offline users

Retrieving/downloading tasks
Importing CRU files
Retrieve Task Wizard
File > Retrieve Tasks
Uploading target documents
Referring CRU files back
Deliver Task Wizard
File > Deliver Tasks