The Toolbox: Useful Tools for Across

The Toolbox contains scripts, tools, and batch files that provide certain functionalities outside Across. Following the successful installation of Across, the tools and brief instructions on using them can be found in the Toolbox subfolder of the Across folder (e.g., C:\Program Files\Across\Toolbox).

Among others, the following tools are available:

acrossHTMLMerger and acrossXMLMerger
Enables the consolidation of several HTML or XML files to a single HTML or XML file. Subsequently, this file can be checked in to Across and translated in a resource-friendly way. Finally, the translated file can be split into the original files with the same tool.
For backing up and restoring the data of your Across Translator Edition data as well as the data of your Offline Client of the Across Language Server.
For the creation of comprehensive performance reports that contain, among other things, information about the defragmentation of the databases, the defragmentation of the indices of the SQL databases, and other performance-related information.
Contains the plugins for using crossTransform.
Creates a system report with all important information about your Across installation. The report can help when a problem is analyzed by the Across support.

Before you start using the tools from the toolbox, you may need to adapt them to your needs. To do this, consult an expert if necessary.