Introduction - Structure and Architecture

Main Components of Across

Across is an integrated translation memory system, i.e. in Across, you can find everything "under one roof". Thus, Across always presents the same environment, no matter whether you want to create a new project, translate a document, or align existing translations.

  • Across comprises the following main components:
  • crossDesk is the Across translation editor.
  • crossTank is the translation memory of Across.
  • The crossTank Manager is the Across component for managing and maintaining the TM.
  • crossTerm is the terminology system of Across.
  • The crossTerm Manager is the Across component for managing and maintaining terminology.

Client/Server Architecture

The Across Language Server is a client/server application. This means that there is a central software application – the server – on which all data are centrally stored and made available. Users access this central server via software components called clients.

The numerous advantages of the client/server architecture include the fact that all users work with the same up-to-date, consistent data.

Databases as Central Storage Location

Across is a database-supported translation memory system. This means that all data are centrally stored in a database.

  • Contains elements such as the following:
  • System Settings
  • User rights
  • Projects
Translation units (TM)