Rights System: Default Settings

By default, each user group in Across has specific rights. All users who are members of a certain group automatically have the rights available to this user group. Of course, you can configure the rights of the various user groups in order to adapt Across to your individual needs.

To do so, select the group whose rights you want to modify in the Groups module, click Properties, and go to the Rights tab.

Some of the changes to the rights of the user groups are only applied after the respective users log in anew to Across.

For changes to the rights to be applied, offline users need to connect to the Across Server, e.g. by downloading a task.

If an Across user belongs to several user groups (e.g. user groups Project Managers and Translators), the rights of the two groups will add up for this user. For example, if the user has a right to create projects by reason of being a member of the user group Project Managers, but does not have this right due to his membership in the user group Translators, he will normally be able to create projects during his work in Across.

The Supervisor group cannot be edited or deleted.

The crossAPI group is only available if supported by the license and represents basic rights that cannot be edited or deleted.

crossTerm rights are also valid for crossTerm Web read/write access. A user with crossTerm rights has the same rights as with read/write access via crossTerm Web (if he or she has been assigned membership in the crossTerm Web read/write group).

Rights Highlighted in Red

If you use crossWAN load or crossWAN classic, some of the rights may be displayed in red type. These rights cannot be assigned or activated, as at least one member of the group is an offline user. As offline users may only access the Across Server temporarily and do not have the same rights as online users, the assignment of rights such as the deletion of existing projects is not possible. If you still want to assign these rights to online users, you need to set up separate user groups for offline users.

Default Rights of the User Groups

The following topics will provide an overview of the default rights.

The following abbreviations are used for the user groups:

User group
Project Manager
Document translator
Document corrector

Rights marked with a * cannot be assigned to offline users.