Adapting the My Tasks Module

You can adapt the My Tasks module to your individual needs in a flexible and versatile manner. For example, columns can be moved, displayed, and hidden. In addition, the width of the columns and the sorting within the columns can be changed.

Columns can be made visible by means of the column selection dialog. A command in the context menu of the column header enables you to open the dialog.

Subsequently, you can select a column and drag it to the desired position by keeping the left mouse button pressed. Two arrow icons will indicate the future position of the module. Release the left mouse button in order to place the column in the desired position.

To remove columns from the My Tasks module, click into the header of a column, keep the left mouse button pressed, and drag the column to a position outside the designated area. As soon as the icn_close_round_red icon appears, you can release the left mouse button, and the column will be removed from the My Tasks module.

Alternatively, you can also drag a column to the column selection dialog.

  • Other possibilities:
  • Moving Columns
  • Adjusting Column Width
  • Changing the Sorting of Columns